Nourishing Chocolate Quinoa Bowl

In need of a bowl of comfort in the morning? This will hit that chocolate-y spot! We have tons of quinoa in the pantry (the bulk sale on them a couple years ago was too good to pass up..) but finding different ways to use it up has gotten tricky! Add your fav fruit to … Continue reading Nourishing Chocolate Quinoa Bowl

Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl (+ Blenderized Tube Feed)

With this week being feeding tube awareness week, I thought I'd share a DELISH meal/dessert idea that is perfect for those who can eat orally AND for those who require meals via their feed tube. It's super easy - just stick all the ingredients into a blender and voila! For those eating orally, I would … Continue reading Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl (+ Blenderized Tube Feed)

Muesli 101

After our trip to Spain, my partner was in love with muesli.. let's not discuss the many different kinds he tried and how many overpriced boxes of muesli he purchased when we got home. So it was a must that I learn how to make it when we came back from vacation. Little to my … Continue reading Muesli 101