Nourishing Chocolate Quinoa Bowl

In need of a bowl of comfort in the morning? This will hit that chocolate-y spot! We have tons of quinoa in the pantry (the bulk sale on them a couple years ago was too good to pass up..) but finding different ways to use it up has gotten tricky! Add your fav fruit to … Continue reading Nourishing Chocolate Quinoa Bowl

Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl (+ Blenderized Tube Feed)

With this week being feeding tube awareness week, I thought I'd share a DELISH meal/dessert idea that is perfect for those who can eat orally AND for those who require meals via their feed tube. It's super easy - just stick all the ingredients into a blender and voila! For those eating orally, I would … Continue reading Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl (+ Blenderized Tube Feed)