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What I love about being a dietitian is working in collaboration with clients to build a healthy and positive relationship with food in whatever shape or form that exists for my client. Using evidence-based information, I work alongside my clients to develop realistic and attainable nutrition goals and provide ongoing support to reach those goals.

What can I do for you? I will answer all your foodie questions (and debunk all the nutrition craziness that exists), determine what your nutrition habits are and help you develop goals that work for you, then build unique strategies with support and accountability that fit your needs.

My focus of nutrition care include:

  • IBS, IBD (Crohn’s disease / Ulcerative colitis) and gastrointestinal nutrition concerns
  • Plant-based nutrition and Earth-friendly nutrition practices (including reducing food waste which can save you money!)
  • Practical culinary nutrition with support of meal ideas, grocery shopping lists and easy cooking techniques
  • Surgery (before and after surgical intervention including colostomy, ileostomy, bowel obstruction, Whipple, gastric resection, esophagectomy, hiatus hernia repair, Heller myotomy)
  • Home enteral nutrition (home tube feeds – using formulas or blenderized tube feeds)
  • Balanced/healthful eating and building positive relationships with food

Want to work with me? 

FREE 15 minute session:

  • Want to get to know my nutrition coaching approach while letting me learn a bit about you? Try out my 15 minute FREE session! Sessions are completed over the phone.

The Kick Start Package:

  • Includes a 60 minute Nutrition Assessment, 2 x 30 minute Support Sessions and unlimited e-mail support.
  • $250

The Transformation Package:

  • Includes a 60 minute Nutrition assessment, 6 x 30 minute Support Sessions and unlimited e-mail support.
  • $500

Build your own package

  • 60 minute Nutrition Assessment: $130
  • 30-60 minute Support Session: $65-130

-Nutrition Assessments allow me to get to know you! This includes learning more about your health, lifestyle and environment that have an impact on your relationship with food. You will be provided with specific action plans/goals and ongoing e-mail support.

-Support Sessions allow us to work as a team to review progress on goals, celebrate successes (big or small!) and work through any obstacles that come your way.

-Sessions can be completed via phone or video chat to make it more convenient to suit your preferred communication style. In-person sessions may vary dependent on Whitney’s availability. Please note that Nutrition Assessments must be completed prior to booking Support Sessions. ***In person sessions are on hold at this time***

-Want to know what my clients think about me? Check out their testimonials here!

How to Book a Session?

Please fill out the contact form to book an appointment or email me at – please include your name, phone number, where you are located and your nutrition concerns to ensure you receive an email back. I will connect with you within 48 hours.

Health Insurance coverage

  • Many extended medical insurance plans cover nutrition counselling by a Registered Dietitian. Check your plan to see what is covered for you. If your plan does not cover the services of a Registered Dietitian, save your receipt for a non-refundable tax credit. In the province of British Columbia, Registered Dietitians are classified as an “Authorized Medical Practitioner”.