Vegetarian Greek Moussaka | Vegan Tips!

If you've ever eaten a moussaka at a traditional Greek restaurant, you'll know how delicious it is! I've tried recreating my favourite moussakas a few times (with the first attempt being a total disaster..) but have finally perfected my recipe! There's something so hearty and comforting about a really good moussaka.. and with this chilly … Continue reading Vegetarian Greek Moussaka | Vegan Tips!

Protein-Packed Tofu Sofrita

Feeling stumped on a plant based protein source, something to have alongside a Buddha bowl or on top of a salad? This recipe has got yo back. I've been trying to make more plant based food choices and tofu has definitely been one of the go-to's since it has a "meaty" texture while being nice … Continue reading Protein-Packed Tofu Sofrita

Muesli 101

After our trip to Spain, my partner was in love with muesli.. let's not discuss the many different kinds he tried and how many overpriced boxes of muesli he purchased when we got home. So it was a must that I learn how to make it when we came back from vacation. Little to my … Continue reading Muesli 101