Balancing Act

This title is the best way to describe my past month. As you may have seen on my social media, I’m making sure I take some time out of my week to really focus on self care – I took a bit too much on the past week and feel SO much better about all my to-do’s and commitments after spending a few days on myself. This included catching up on some shows, spending time with friends (and networking/making some new ones!) and keeping busy in the kitchen – baking will always be my stress relieving muse! Balancing full time work, keeping up with my clients in my private practice, being involved in some extra curriculars and looking into other professional endeavours have kept my weeks packed – I can’t believe it’s already February!

What have I been doing the past couple months?

  • Leading Dietitians of Canada (DC) Nutrition Month events as the Regional Nutrition Month lead in British Columbia. It has been such a fun experience and is bringing back my love for volunteer leadership involvement. I’m overseeing a group of volunteers who are planning some awesome events for March, liaising with tons of DC and external stakeholders and meeting many new individuals! Stay tuned on my social media accounts for details on Nutrition Month in the coming month. I’m partnering with the Fraser Health Communications team again this year on Nutrition Month writing and promotions so watch for that as well!
  • Feeling so grateful for the overwhelming support I have received since I released news that I’m FINALLY taking clients in my private practice. I want to thank ALL the individuals who have reached out with their nutrition concerns and who have chosen me to help them develop a more positive relationship with food! I also can’t thank all the dietitians in my community who have answered my many (newbie) questions, referred new clients my way and been a support system for my random emails and text messages – YOU ARE ALL THE BEST!!
  • Finally settling into my job over in Abbotsford. Working at the Cardiac Clinic, various Family Physician Clinics and the Youth Clinic have brought such a wide range of experiences my way. It’s a constant learning curve that is also very fulfilling especially as I continue to connect with my patients. The team members at all the clinics have welcomed me with open arms and made the transition as an acute care to outpatient RD smooth sailing!
  • Unwinding with friends and colleagues. This included celebrations of Lunar New Year at some RD friends’ crib (my belly was full of delicious noms that night!) and networking with DC RDs here in BC over Ethiopian food. img_20170128_183135
  • Staying warm in these cold few month! Vancouver has gotten more snow that we wimpy West Coasters are used to..
  • More fun things to be announced in the coming months!

I’m aiming to keep up with weekly blogging and will be coming up with new recipes this week (fingers crossed we’ll have some bright weather for food photos this week!)


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