Ask a Nutrition Expert, Ask a Dietitian

If you have friends who are Registered Dietitians (or friends of friends as well!), you’ll likely be noticing an exciting social media campaign this week: Ask a Nutrition Expert, Ask a Dietitian. Finding nutrition information nowadays can be VERY confusing. There’s so many fancy-shmancy buzz words, “super foods,” fad diets and celebs promoting crazy supplements. But what should we really be relying on for accurate, evidenced based nutrition information?

Registered Dietitians are regulated professionals who specializing in nutrition – we spend at LEAST 5 years of our lives getting our Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics so we know our stuff! We understand the physiology behind why we need certain micro/macro nutrients, how food impacts various diseases/medical conditions, and work with our patients/clients in a individual-centered care approach to provide nutrition education that works for you! Each Dietitian is also registered in a College to make sure you (as the general public) is protected by regulating the practice of Dietitians.


Want to learn even more about why Registered Dietitians are Nutrition Experts? Check out for more info!


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