Travel Bug

Travelling to MANY places has been our must for the 4 weeks of annual vacation I’m given. I used my last bit of vacation the past couple weeks and headed over for a (very short) trip to Bolivia and Peru. Although we ran into some issues including ++altitude sickness, traveller’s diarrhea, facial sun burns, bug bites and lack of running water, we had a blast.. and definitely needed a vacation AFTER this vacation! There might not be a ton of travelling next year for many possible reasons so we thought we’d make our last trip of the year a BANG!

Here’s what we did!


  • Explored La Paz and suffered the first full day with major altitude sickness. I was a nauseous, migraine filled, out of breath mess but the adjustment got (a bit) better as Bolivia went on. (The darn altitude pills was not much help for me..)img_20161121_144329
  • Flew over to Uyuni to experience Salar de Uyuni, the kilometers and kilometers of salt flat dessert that exists in Bolivia. We also popped by the train cemetery and Salt Hotel during the tour, and shot some VERY entertaining photos during our time on the flats! It was also where we got the WORST possible facial sun burns.. we forgot to lather on the sun screen that day. 20161122_135901-220161122_140436
  • Flew back to La Paz and ate our little hearts out with all the delicious (and crazy affordable) eats that exist.
  • Took a tour to Yungas Road (aka Death Road) and mountain biked down the almost 60 km of down hill rugged roads. Probably the highlight of ANY trip I’ve been on so far!P1270659.JPGp1270703
  • Took a bus over to Copacabana, hung out at Lake Titicaca and took a boat ride over to Isla del Sol. img_20161124_114645
  • Night bus over to Cusco, where we learned how our bodies are too spoiled and have gotten used to short plane rides only. IMG_20161125_020742.jpg


  • The sum of Peru was RELAX! We were so much on the go in Bolivia that a couple days of Peru were spent taking it slow, walking around, and getting more than 5 hours of sleep a night!img_20161125_063550
  • Explored Cusco, ate at the local markets.. and tried Cuy! (Photo not attached since it was quite frightening..) Took a day tour right outside of Cusco to see what else the city had to offer, which involved exploring different Inca ruins. img_20161125_132758img_20161125_131836
  • Headed for an early train to Machu Pichhu and explored the breathtaking views at the top. We also trekked up to Sun Gate to see even more of the crazy high overhead views. img_20161126_032212img_20161126_101356
  • Took a quick plane ride over to Lima, stayed in Mira Flores, explored old, new and downtown Lima via a guided tour.. and ate allll the ceviche/drank alll the Pisco sours!img_20161128_081258_1img_20161128_062107img_20161127_153006

South America is beautiful and definitely a must-go-to again in the future to visit other areas. We met many other travellers and only a couple spent less than 2 months for their journey so we defs need to go back to check out all the other places South America has to offer.

Do you have any coming travel plans? Or must-do destinations that you’ve checked off your bucket list? Let me know in the comments!

Expect some delicious new recipe posts for the holidays in the coming weeks!


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