Where’s Whitney?

Although my guy and I recently went on a few week trip in November to Egypt/Dubai/Turkey, we couldn’t resist doing another this month (although I may regret this decision at the end of the year when I realize I have no more vacation time left to use..) Where did we go this time? Far too many places to be honest: Maui, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. As I write this, we’re on a bus in Taiwan heading to Jiufen to check out the areas outside the main city centre of Taipei then going to Shifen to release a sky lantern. In a couple days, we’ll be heading over to Seoul to spend some time there and a full day/night on Jeju Island!

We’ve eaten our stomach’s full of amazing food, seen a ton of touristy (and local) gems, and gotten far too little sleep – I’ll likely need a vacation after this vacation! Here’s a quick sum up of what we’ve been up to so far!


  • The main reason we hit up was for a destination wedding for my guy’s good friend. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding stationed at Camp Olowalu. I can’t say anything but good things regarding the wedding – a gorgeous couple, view, food and new friends.


(This short hair is a bit nutty in the humidity)

  • Drove the Road to Hana and checked out the Haleakala crater. Road to Hana is one of the scariest experiences we’ve both had – far too many winding roads with sudden narrow stretches for both directions to use!


(Haleakala crater)


(The gift at the end of the Road to Hana)


  • We checked out both Tokyo and Osaka during our time in Japan. I can say Tokyo was my favourite with all the bright lights, and hustle and bustle. We also spent a day over in Kyoto.

IMG_20160515_181323 (1)

(Ridiculously fresh sushi)

  • Highlights were exploring Tokyo and the never ending back alleys, eating (EXTREMELY) fresh sushi at the Tsukiji Fish Market, checking out the Giant Sky Wheel, the Shinkansen ride to Osaka, trying Kobe beef, adoring the monkeys at Arashiyama Monkey Farm and (of course) eating allllll the ramen (and drinking my new found fav lemon sours).


(The view from the Giant Sky Wheel)


(Tempura from a small underground restaurant)


(Tonburi River)




(The adorable babe at the Arashiyama Monkey Park)

I’ll give a recap post on Taiwan and South Korea when I’m back home in Vancouver. In the meantime, check out my Instagram for daily updates on what I’m up to (and what I’m nomming!) Happy long weekend to everyone back home!


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