Nutrition Finds – The Unhealthy Truth Behind ‘Wellness’ and ‘Clean Eating’


I came across this article from the oh-so-stellar Desiree Nielsen  a couple days ago, which spread like wildfire within my circle of RD friends. It’s titled The Unhealthy Truth Behind “Wellness” and “Clean Eating,” and gives a more raw perspective of what the trends of “healthy eating” (a more extreme definition of it) has done to some individuals.

A few years ago, I found wellness. My body felt like a burden, and the food I ate didn’t seem to energize me or push me on: It dulled my edges, and it left me foggy, soft, and slow. So I made a change. I got rid of the chocolate bars, microwave meals, and cakes. I read about plant-based diets, and I stopped eating meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and anything too processed.. I thought about food all day; I woke up at night thinking about sausage rolls, pizza, and roast chicken with crisp, lemon-rubbed skin. Food friends and foes drew into two distinct camps in my mind, and I saw ill health at every turn and in every mouthful. I became fearful and thin. I had found wellness, and I was not well.

It’s a longer article but needed read for both Dietitians and the general public. The big take away from this article is that eating healthy is important for maintaining good health but treating yourself with those foods you love that don’t fit into that perfect “clean eating” picture is ABSOLUTELY OK as well. I find these strict diets impossible to maintain and as the above quote touches on, all you end up doing is thinking about your cravings and likely binging out hard. The crappy thing – many famous folks and individuals in the lime light promote these hella cray diets which makes us normal people think we should be doing it to. As Desiree said, rigidity isn’t wellness. I HIGHLY recommend everyone take a few moments to read this article!

P.S. In case I miss a week of blogging until the end of May, it’s because I’m away on vacation travelling with that guy of mine! I’ll try to religiously post something each Monday but JUST in case I miss one, you’ll know why! Check out my Instagram account to see what I’m up to!


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