Q&A – Debating on a Career in Dietetics

Here’s a question from Shazara:

Hi Whitney.. For the past year I’ve been debating if I should do dietetics or not. I am a little squeamish and I’m not gifted at sciences, do I stand a chance at majoring in dietetics. Thanks for your response & again love this blog!!

Awesome question! I had a similar question way back when and answered many questions on this post.  In my eyes, my biggest piece of advice is to explore the profession itself and see if you actually like it. Network with various RDs in different areas of Dietetics (clinical, food service, community, private practice, etc) to see if you even enjoy being a RD before diving into it. Also, try some nutrition related  courses to determine if you do have an interest in this field. Each institution is different with regards to their acceptance into the Dietetics program – many are focussed on both your academics/GPA and your work/volunteer experiences related to nutrition so beef up that resume if you feel sciences isn’t really your forte. Do your homework and see which university/college is right for you!

I changed my mind during my university experience and came across the Dietetics degree by networking with other students and volunteering with various programs. It may not be the best fit for you, but I can say I absolutely love my job. I love working with patients/meeting new people and being able to use what I learned in university in my day to day life. Being able to work in so many different areas of practice is also a huge plus for me as someone who tends to plateau and feel unstimulated if I work in a position for too long. Hopefully you find your “what you want to be when you grow up” answer!


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