Q&A: Is Dietetics Right for Me?

Gina asks:

How do I know if the field of dietetics is for me? I have switched my major 8 times in the past year I have a strong interest in cooking and all things health but the classes are difficult and I dont know what is the right career for me. I keep changing my mind, any advice for that?


A lot of the questions I get tend to be along these same lines – my previous Q&A post may also help you out!

Being indecisive is the story of my life and I did change my mind during my university experience a few times. My tips would be:

  • To take courses that are different from what you have taken before
  • Talk to individuals in professions you’re interested in/job shadow to understand if you may be interested in that profession
  • Volunteer/seek out new opportunities to broaden your experiences and skill-set

I feel these main tips helped me figure out my profession of choice! Once you find something you love, academics/studying typically becomes second nature since you’ll be interested in the courses = you’ll probably end up doing well in them! It seems like simple advice but hopefully it helps you out, Gina!


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