Where’s Whitney? Part 2.

I’m BACK from my 3 week trip! I had a solid week to recover from jet lag (it took a few days to finally get back into a “normal” routine again) and I can say it’s nice to be home. I felt quite refreshed going back to work and have spent my nights sleeping or playing around with the camera. This Vancouver heat is also making it a bit hard to be productive on days off, especially since my home traps heat in the bedroom far too well.. in the worst way possible..

Anyways, here’s a quick wrap up post on what Jason and I kept busy with during the last half of our trip!


  • I can say I really enjoyed Taiwan, mainly since the food was amazing! We tried many little family restaurants (where we ordered by pointing to photos due to the language barrier) and tried lots of night market treats! We also hit up all the touristy spots and were usually quite impressed! I also miss the extremely cheap bubble tea out there.. less than $2 CAD per drink..
  • The highlights of Taiwan included the Taipei Zoo (my guy LOVED it – it’s even for big kids!), exploring ++night markets, trekking to Pingxi to release a sky lantern, admiring the Shifen waterfall, discovering new eats at Jiufen Old Street, watching the guard change at the Chiang Memorial Hall, finding REALLY delish pineapple cake at Sunny Hills, and renting a YouBike to ride around the waterfront. Only downsides of Taiwan: suffering a massive bug bite which messed around with my mobility for the last bit of Taiwan and a few days in Korea AND the EXTREME heat/humidty..


(Elephant selfie at the Taipei Zoo!)


(Shifen Waterfall)


(Our sky lantern and mushy pose request from the stall owner..)



South Korea:

  • This was my guy’s FAVOURITE part of the trip – to the point that he could see himself living there. We did quite a bit during our short time in South Korea and checked out both Seoul and Jeju Island – we sort of regret not spending more time in Jeju!
  • Highlights of South Korea: Flying out to Jeju and found our way to Jusangjeolli Cliff and sharing many giggles at Love Land, staying in Gangnam and enjoying the hustle and bustle/good food/fun night life with awesome strangers, checking out Trip Advisor’s #1 restaurant in Seoul which was a not-so-Korean taco joint  with a super cool and chatty owner from the US, eating at a Buddhist-style restaurant with it’s more than 16 course meal, awing Gyeongbokgung Palace, walking around Banpo Bridge and realizing fried chicken/pizza/public drinking is a thing in Seoul, being a kid at DPP, actually buying stuff for ourselves at Common Ground, and night walks in Naksam park.


(Jusangjeolli Cliff)


(Sanchon Temple cooking)IMG_20160528_004203

(Gyeongbokgung Palace)

It’s weird to say but it’s nice to be back home – I tend to be the type that really misses my own food/bed/showers and not having to live out of a backpack any more! I look forward to another big trip in the future but I think we should take a bit of a break before the next one! Check out my Instagram to see more photos from the trip!

Expect a nom-related post soon! I’m back in the kitchen again messing around with food combos and my camera so I’ll be coming up with something tasty (and perfect for this hot hot hot weather) soon!


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