Nutrition Finds – Beware of “Nutrition Experts”

This article by Gawker was blasted all over social media yesterday regarding a “nutrition expert” who has been making some not-so-evidence based claims regarding food and nutrition choices. I honestly had never heard of her before (mainly because I usually avoid the fad-nutrition shows/websites/articles since it bugs the heck out of me (*cough* Dr. Oz *cough*). A dietitian published a post in response to the in-your-face article by Gawker which puts into perspective what we dietitians feel about these “nutrition experts.”

Take aways from both articles:

  1. Beware of vague credentials – if you’re wanting advice about something, be aware of the individuals credentials, experience and education before you start changing your lifestyle.
  2. Quick fixes tend not to be the best bet – sorry, but there’s no such thing as miracle foods/cures when it comes to your diet. It takes time, effort and commitment and involves some long term changes rather than 1 day fixes.
  3. Evidence-based research – before you believe that singular study that says this crazy fruit from Timbuktu will solve all your medical ailments, do a bit more research into it. Do your research and stay in-the-know!

Kudos to Sarah Remmer for writing this response. If you do have time, I’d check out her article! What are your thoughts on these “nutrition experts?” How do you think they impact the views on the general public with regards to nutrition and dietitians as a whole? Please stick your responses in the comments section!


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