Q&A: What do Clinical Dietitians do?

Here’s a question from Sarah:

Hi Whitney! I am interested in maybe becoming a clinical dietitian I’m not that sure yet I’m still kind of confused as to what I want to major in. The chemistry classes has me very scared because I’m not very good at math and I believe chemistry probably involves the math. But anyways I have been trying to find out what exactly are the job duties for a clinical dietitian, one thing I do know is that they’re the ones that calculate the tube feedings and they do assessments and things like that but what in detail do they do exactly I’m having a hard time finding that.

Great question! I’ve gotten this one quite a bit on this blog! I made a previous post on this same topic here! To all my fellow Clinical RD’s following this blog, do you have anything to add to help Sarah with her question?

Thanks for the question, Sarah!


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