The past month has been full of working a new job, fun random outings (including archery tag and new spots to play board games in Vancouver), professional development.. and chopping off all my hair! I’ve been in need of a fun change to mess around with my monotonous routine so I decided to finally cut off (and donate) 12 inches of my crazy curly hair. I’m also continuing my oh-so-stressful hunt of houses/town houses with my guy.. seems like our weekends or nightly chats are about new MLS postings, pre-approved mortgages.. and how we’ll be very broke once we buy. I’ve also been working with my former internship research team to submit our research for publication. It’s a work in progress but our manuscript will (hopefully) be submitted this week for review! Wish us luck!

IMG_20150404_182451 (2)

I’m back at my former work site and in another temporary position. This time, I’m working on the surgical units (a fun and unexpected change in position from what I thought I was hired into). I’m lovin’ every minute of it! It’s a job share position so I’m waiting to find out who my surg-buddy will be!

Aside from that, I’ve been having fun in the kitchen looking into new (and healthy) twists on foods I love and learning a lot from my cooking-pro of a mum on traditional Indian-Fijian dishes. My guy and I are also nerds and have been doing a lot of professional development studying so we sometimes spend our hang outs doing that.. you’d think 6 years of university would deter me from continuing my nerd life..

As per usual, I’m still learning everyday! Once I feel comfortable with something, the clinical world seems to throw something at me that challenges my skills and knowledge in a new way. I’m slowly getting used to a new routine.. which means I’ll be in search of something new to do in the near future to spice it up. I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store!


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