On to the Next One

After reading through some previous posts, I realized I haven’t written a ‘rambles and rants’ in a while! I’ve been trying to juggle a few too many things at once (saying no can be hard..) and made some exciting decisions on a new (short term) job change!

  • Baking away my days off. I’m pretty sure I was a baker in my past life and so I’ve been spending my days off baking in some form or other. I’ve branched into the world of yeast-based treats which has been a nerdy fun time for me.


(Who doesn’t love some home made cinnamon buns??)

  • Met with the BC Nutrition Month volunteers last week. The dietitians/dietetics students are all pretty amazing and come with their own skills, thought processes and ideas, making the group well rounded and full of great energy. I’m really excited to be working with all of them and to see what we come up with for Nutrition Month 2017!
  • Being a preceptor. The past couple weeks have involved being one of the research preceptors for one of the Fraser Health intern research projects, which is a continuation of the project I worked on a student. I’m also a preceptor for a clinical rotation for one of the Surrey Memorial interns which has been a huge learning curve for me! One thing I love about interns is that they question everything we do as Clinical Dietitians, which forces me to take a step back and go back to the basics, explaining why we do what we do, or make me question why I even do things a certain way. It’s been a tiring past week (with 2 more weeks to go!) but has been so fulfilling already.
  • Accepting a (temporary) job in Abbotsford. Although I’m super sad to be leaving the surgical team at Surrey Memorial and the dietitians there, I’m crazy stoked (and nervous AF) for this new  job which involves an area of practice I don’t have a ton of experience in. It’s a combination of outpatient clinics including the Heart Function Clinic, GP Clinic and Youth Clinic. I know only bits and pieces about the job itself but after talking to the RD in the position right now, it’s sounds so cool!! Plus I can’t wait to be trained by her and pick her brain about her approach to nutrition counseling outpatient clients.
  • Trip planning. At least 1-2 times a year, my guy and I go away for a couple weeks to explore the world. Out last trip: Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Our next trip: Bolivia and Peru! Expect tons of photos next month on our travel adventures!

There’s lots of other little things going on that I’ll be sharing next month (plus I don’t want to make this post too long!) I may be taking some breaks in November from the blogging world due to my birthday celebrations and travelling but I’ll try to keep up with my posts regardless!

Also.. Happy (early) Halloween!


Have you been involved with anything new and exciting the past month? Let me know in the comments!


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