Nutrition Month – My 100 Meal Pledge!

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This week is the start Week Two for Nutrition Month focussing on making food decisions that support individuals’ goals. For those of you following me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably found out yesterday that my 100 Meal Journey pledge is to eat 1 additional serving size of vegetables each day by packing it as one of the snacks! I was trying to think of a SMART goal and thought that this would be a great pledge for both myself and many others who struggle to eat their veggies. Trying to pack in those 7-8 serving sizes of fruits and vegetables (8-10 for men!) can be really hard and trying to figure out a way to get them all in can be a bit stressful (especially if you’re not a huge of them!) My way to get an extra serving size in (actually 2 serving sizes since my snack containers fit 1.25 cups of veggies!) was by sticking them in my lunch bag as a snack. I’m more of the “grazing” type, eating multiple small meals throughout the day, so keeping this in my bag will mean it’ll be in my tummy before I get home.


To make my goal easier, I decided to cut all my veggies on Sunday and pack them into individual containers for the week. Washing, cutting and preparing fruits/vegetables can be tedious to do each night for some (including me!) so get this to-do out of the way one night in the week. It only took me about 15 minutes to complete! Once their packed away in their own little containers, it’ll be quick and easy for you to grab in the morning as you head off for work/school/whatever life throws at ya!


Not a huge fan of how they taste? Don’t worry, I feel you. I’m a dip-lover and tend to go for humus (home made if I have time) but you can choose a small amount of your favourite dip to take with you to make those veggies taste yummier! Don’t go over board on those high calorie dressings since the calories can add up real quick – try light vinaigrettes or choose the “low fat” versions of those creamy dressings.

Have you decided on your pledge for your 100 Meal Journey? It’s never too late to make your pledge! Please let me know what you’ll be sticking with for 100 meals and what strategies you’re using to keep the journey going!


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