Nutrition Month – 100 Meal Journey

Can you believe it’s already the end of the month (and happy birthday to all those Leap year babies out there!)


March is Nutrition Month where all RD’s nerd out and promote nutrition care, advocate for our profession and have fun with a yearly new theme for the month! This year it’s 100 Meal Journey where everyone can pledge to make a small change to their eating habits and to stick with it, one meal at a time. What’s the deal with this year’s theme? For anyone, including dietitians, it’s super hard making a BUNCH of nutrition-related changes all at once. By making 1 small change and sticking with it for 100 meals, you’re able to really stick to the goal and possibly make this an ongoing change in your lifestyle after you’ve stuck with it for the 100 meals. I’m super into this years theme and think it’s applicable to anyone!

Nutrition Month crept up on me this year so I’m still trying to decide what my “pledge” will be. Want to make a change the next month? Choose something small you have been wanting to work on for a while with your nutrition (?having 1 tsp of sugar in your tea rather than 3 tsps, ?packing 1 serving size of veggies as a snack each day). If you’re a fan of the social media, take a photo of yourself holding this “Take the Pledge” Certificate using the hashtag #NutritionMonth and post your pledge along with the progress on your 100 meal journey!

Keep an eye out on my Twitter and Instagram account for little updates on my pledge and Nutrition Month!


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