Summer Heat

I’m struggling to keep up with blogging lately, with each week passing by more quickly than I could anticipate. Raincouver is lacking the rain the past few weeks but us Vancity folks are taking advantage of the cooler/rainy couple days (and lovinnnnnnn it!)

My days are spent working, studying, or moving.. with a small amount of a social life in between. I’m studying for an advanced nutrition exam which has been keeping my past few months EXTRA busy (on top of the chaos of moving, buying furniture, looking into the (many) bills we will need to pay, etc etc etc).

IMG_20150619_204153 (1)

(Posing with some random stuff we found lying around in the new place!)

Work has been very challenging lately, really allowing me to put theories/concepts I’m studying into practice. I feel like I’m actually understanding what I’m doing!! I’ve also had a lot of patients who have complex medical/social histories and somewhat sad stories/outcomes. One of my close colleagues was trying to figure out what my weakness was as a Clinical Dietitian as she was a reference for jobs I have applied for – she realized it was the fact I get quite emotionally invested into patients, which means I sometimes “take work home,” where it’s hard for me to stop thinking about them when I leave the workplace. I can say it’s been my struggle more so the past couple weeks due to some of the patients I’ve been involved with having pretty lengthy admissions where I’ve followed them closely.. and also had poor prognoses. In any case, I’m going home feeling like I’ve done some good in their lives – which is super fulfilling!

During my downtime from work and information cramming, I’m slowly making my new town house feel like home. MANY trips to IKEA have occurred with my guy the past month and I’m constantly checking out furniture company websites for the latest sales and promos. Goal: move into the new place by the end of the month! *EXCITING*

I also had a random opportunity to meet with a potential Dietetics student interested in the profession who found me via Linkedin! It’s amazing how many connections you can make via the website. She’s a student from Calgary who was wanting to apply to the UBC Dietetics program and had a bunch of awesome questions regarding both the program and the profession. Meeting with her made me really miss campus life/student involvement, since I did a lot of work with fellow students/prospective students during my years at UBC. Hopefully I gave her some useful insight to the profession!

Aside from that, I’ve been taking advantage of small events in Vancouver (including Khatsalano Fest this past weekend) and I’ll be spending this coming weekend at the Pemberton Music Festival – my first mini “vacation” since I graduated! I’m looking forward to a solid 4 days of music festival fun, not thinking about the ton of stressors consuming my life the past few months! I can’t wait!!


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