Nutrition Finds – Just Eat It

Just Eat It

I heard about this (awesome) documentary through work and was planning to see it when it was showing in select theaters in Vancouver. After looking into it further, the Knowledge Network was showing the documentary on their website. It’s a MUST see not only for nutrition and food sustainability lovers but for the general public. It’s an eye opening documentary on North America’s issue of food waste which focuses not only on discarded food in the home but wastage from farm to grocery stores to table.

The filmmakers Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer (both living in Vancouver) attempted to live a zero-waste lifestyle in this film, “dumpster diving” and purchasing soon-to-be thrown foods from grocery stores, consuming only “rescued food.” As a visual learner, this film was astonishing – seeing the sheer amount of food wasted at each step of the food making/consumption process was unbelievable. Although I dove into this documentary expecting some gross food consumption, everything rescued was perfectly edible, either almost perished or not even close to expiring.

I HIGHLY recommend watching this film and encouraging those who are not aware of North America’s food system. I know I have become so much more aware of what I purchase, how much I purchase, and minimizing the amount of food I waste.

Here’s the link to the Knowledge Network’s accessibility to Just Eat It and more information on the documentary. Let me know what you think about the film in the comments section!


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