Sleepy Head

This title pretty much sums up the constant state of mind I’ve been in the past month. I started a new temporary position flying solo in a smaller site a solid distance from home.. and commute is hitting me real hard. I’m a transit kid and my commute is a total of (minimum) three hours each day. It’s a choice I’ve made to save some money since the cost of gas/insurance is more than I’m willing to spend (especially with the decision of buying a home in the very near future). That being said, I’ll be starting a new temporary position closer to home again at the end of the month and can’t wait for my commute to be cut down by 2 hours! I AM really bummed to leave my current position though since the team in residential care/chemotherapy clinic welcomed me with open arms and my manager/the dietitians at the site have been AMAZING! They made me feel so comfortable right from the get-go and I love the chats (both professional and personal) that I’ve had with them all! Such an awesome team out there!

Aside from work and sleeping as much as possible, I’ve been busy in the kitchen playing around with recipes and ingredients I haven’t worked with before, refreshing myself on my clinical nutrition knowledge.. and taking advantage of this GORGEOUS weather Vancouver is bringing my way!

20150228_174147(Please note, I lost this amazing shades minutes after this was taken.. 😦 )

Goals for the month: Be more productive, bring back physical activity into my life and think about off-the-desk projects I want to be involved with. My guy/his coworker have brought up possible side projects to work on but with the process of looking for homes/life/fatigue, I seem to keep putting this off to the side (I know.. excuses, excuses, excuses..) I need to find that keener motivation and discover a way to re-energize myself this next month while my commute is still long to make the most out of my March! Gotta re-group my thoughts, take more chances and have more fun!


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