Nutrition Finds – the Paleo Diet

As a dietitian, it’s SO hard knowing allll the different types of diets out there, what they entail, and how beneficial they are to a client/patients lifestyle – are all those “diets” worth the dietary restrictions and stress they can put onto individuals? One of these trends includes the Paleo diet, where followers attempt to duplicate the diets of early humans. It promotes predominantly meat, fish, vegetables/fruit, and nuts, while foods that come from agriculture, including all grains, dairy foods, sugar, salt and low nutrient processed foods are to be avoided, since they were not consumed by Paleo people.


Working mainly in acute care, I seemed to have lost my skills in knowing more than just what dietitians should know when working in a hospital (i.e. nutrition recommendations of acute illnesses). So starting my new temporary position (which also involves teaching “heart healthy” classes) I’ve been trying to refresh myself on other areas of dietetics. I stumbled across this article a couple months ago written by Practice-base Evidence in Nutrition (PEN). Dietitians obtain information from evidenced based resources, so PEN tends to be an awesome resource RDs rely on.

This article was pretty awesome and broke down the different parts of the Paleo diet, the evidence backing up each section, and why this may/may not be the type of lifestyle we should recommend for our clients/patients. It touched on the strengths and challenges of this diet in a very understandable way. Want to learn more about what PEN has to say about the Paleo diet? Check out the article here!

Do you have thoughts or information on upcoming diets/trends making headlines? Post it on the comments section below!


One thought on “Nutrition Finds – the Paleo Diet

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Whitney! I am interested in maybe becoming a clinical dietitian I’m not that sure yet I’m still kind of confused as to what I want to major in. The chemistry classes has me very scared because I’m not very good at math and I believe chemistry probably involves the math. But anyways I have been trying to find out what exactly are the job duties for a clinical dietitian, one thing I do know is that they’re the ones that calculate the tube feedings and they do assessments and things like that but what in detail do they do exactly I’m having a hard time finding that.


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