The Start of Something New

2015 is already becoming the year where I try new things, go for cool adventures and take some fun, challenging risks. Last month, I accomplished some random firsts: trying out yoga – what a disgrace of a Vancouverite for attempt yoga for the FIRST time at the age of 24, shooting at a gun range, commuting to Maple Ridge via transit – and taking many wrong buses.. the list goes on!


(Post gun-range selfie. My guy finally makes an appearance on the blog!)

I also started a new temporary position out in Maple Ridge today! I had about 4 days of training (I was extremely lucky to get that much thanks to my new manager) and flew solo today. I was a nervous mess this morning.. but seem to be settling into the new position well. The temp is a 4 day/week gig, 3 days in residential care, 1 day of work at the Chemotherapy Clinic/helping out in ER/leading Heart Healthy classes, and my day off picking up some shifts at the previous site I worked at (mainly acute care). I was honestly quite hesitant about accepting the temp, knowing I would be working in residential care (sometimes it can have a bit of a stigma..) but I’m thoroughly enjoying it right now! The team is SO supportive and the residents are great (some of the stories they tell me melt my little heart..)! I’m into the mix of areas I’m able to cover with this temp and how it allows me to work in areas I have little/nil experience in. I’m taking advantage of my early years in the profession to figure out what I do (and don’t) like about different areas of clinical nutrition.. and whether I want to stay in it all my life.

I’m also in this weird phase of the year (it comes and goes at the year progresses) where I’m in the “what am I doing with my life” dilemma. With new side projects/ opportunities being thrown at me, I’m thinking of taking some of them on – just need to find time in between 5 days of work/week and 2.5+ hour commutes daily (and time to sleep) to fit this in! I’m also in the midst of determining if I want to work on some professional development opportunities and look into courses/certifications to boost that resume/skill set of mine. It’s an “all talk” moment where I need to prioritize my time and really focus on what I REALLY want to achieve.

Am I tired? Sure am. Only 2 weeks into this commute and I’m already a sleepy mess by the time 8pm rolls around (who am I kidding, I wish it was socially acceptable to be in bed by 7..) In any case, I’m enjoying every minute of this hustle and bustle. Time to really narrow down my goals and go for it!


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