Busy Bee

It’s been QUITE the busy past month. Work has pretty much consumed my life and schedule especially with the holiday season coming up/ LOTS of RD vacations up ahead. This time of year are when casuals are a hot commodity. Although my schedule is allll over the place with 1 day off here and there, it’s nice having some money flowing in to save up for future endeavours/investments.

The past month also involved GRADUATION! After 6 grueling, stressful, learning-curve-filled yet memorable years at UBC, I FINALLY graduated! I was extremely nervous walking the stage (with fears I’d fall flat on my face.. nothing out of the norm for me..) but successfully shook hands with the Chancellor, President and Faculty Dean! IMG_20141126_140256

(Obligatory graduation selfie)

Other fun news: I recently accepted a temporary position at a smaller site within the health authority I work for! It’s a great opportunity to gain experience in areas I have never worked in (this case, residential care) and a stepping stone in working my way up the union/seniority based ladder! I also decided to (finally) get involved in the community again and took a super small volunteer opportunity with the YMCA as a Highschool Mentor – I’m pretty stoked working with kids again and hopefully help them figure out what they “want to be when they grow up!”

I’m spending my downtime from work baking and cooking, something I’ve neglected throughout internship and since I started working as a dietitian. It’s reigniting my love for food, messing around with ingredients and flavours, and bonding with my mum over noms.

One thing I need to work on: relaxing. My body is not lovin’ the chaotic schedule I’ve put through and I recently got sick on my day off.. major bummer. I need more sleep and days of nothingness.. lets see if I can do that..

Anyways, that’s my SUPER quick life update! Now time to dive into “Oh She Glows” (a recipe book I’ve been dying to buy) and see if I can be inspired to come up with a delicious recipe for next week’s post!


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