Nutrition Finds – Welfare Food Challenge

Although I didn’t search the interwebs for some interesting nutrition finds, I thought readers should know about something called the Welfare Food Challenge – I challenge I decided to sign up for this year! Think about what you eat and the cost of all that you nom in a week. Now, do you think it would be possible for all of that to cost $21/week?

The Welfare Food Challenge helps the general public understand the difficulties surviving as an individual living on welfare. After subtracting the cost of living (including rent, transportation, communication, toiletries, etc), individuals are left with $21/week – previously $26/week which decreased this year due to the increased costs of Single Room Occupancies (SROs).

I’m pretty nervous for the week of Oct 16-22nd and will be recording my findings in my next blog post. The meal planning process itself has been EXTREMELY time consuming and probably not realistic for the average individual. In any case, it’ll be an interesting learning process. I’m really curious to see how it’ll affect my day to day life (I won’t be changing any part of daily living aside from my food – so yes, I’ll be exercising, working, and being a normal 20-something.. just hungrier).

Are any of you participating in the Welfare Food Challenge/have you participated in the past? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section!

For more information about the challenge, check out this link:


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