Q&A – Did you always want to be an RD?

I’ve had this question a few times (both on this blog and my former internship venue):

Did you ever consider doing another major, basically did you ALWAYS want to do dietetics?

Sorry for it being a more personal post (just as a warning for readers out there!

I didn’t always want to be a dietitian. Just like MANY students going into university, I thought I’d be a doctor of some sort – my go to profession was a Dentist. My main reason for profession choice: my parents told me so (I know, pretty crappy justification). When I was in high school, I thought I had my university story all planned out – to be a Science kid (which I did become in the Faculty of Science). I later majored in the Chemistry since I did relatively decently in it and loved the hands on labs.

As I continued through second year, I realized that my said plan didn’t feel quite right. My interests in Chemistry weren’t quite there, learning became a something I didn’t enjoy and I realized the dentistry profession wasn’t what I wanted to pursue.

Networking helped me discover other programs UBC had to offer, including the Food, Nutrition and Health major in this small faculty called Land and Food Systems. After some self debating (and going behind my parents’ backs), I decided to switch up my university plans and transfer to Land and Food Systems.

Learning and academics turned into something I enjoyed, where I looked forward to attending classes and completing assignments and projects. I got more involved with campus life and networking with professors on campus which lead to some awesome opportunities. A year into the faculty change, I applied to the Dietetics program and got in on my first try (I got super lucky!), bringing together my passions for science, food and nutrition.

Where I am now academically and professionally was nothing I planned or anticipated when I was a high school student. I never considered I would pursue a profession in nutrition. I am continuously discovering new areas of interest within Dietetics as an new RD(t) and learning an insane amount regarding clinical nutrition – an area that I’m leaning towards for future endeavors (as of now!)

Tips for those trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives (since I was TOTALLY in that same boat 4 years ago)

  • I got involved. There are tons of involvement opportunities on campus and in the community. Finding that niche where I belonged directed me to paths I would not have discovered on my own and helped me meet my best friends.
  • Try new things – if you’re not interested you can change your mind, or find something you love and stick with it. Changing your mind is OK. It may take you 4 years, 5 years, or even 6 years (like me!) to finish your degree, but what matters is completing your uni/post secondary experience with education that drives and enhances your inner passions!

I hope that helps readers out there!


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