Nutrition Finds – Hospital Meals Around the World

Although this post doesn’t involve research or new interesting information, I really enjoyed the photos in this post. One of the dietitians from the health authority I work for circulated this link within the dietitian e-mail list. I found this SO interesting. I never thought about what hospital meals looked like from different parts of the world. As a dietitian working at a Canadian public hospital, where food costs are ++restricted by budgetary constraints (and where feedback about the meals is what makes allll patients alike!) I never thought about what meals would be composed of in other countries.

One of the fellow new dietitians made a good point about it when she reposted it on social media – this post doesn’t specify which meals are from private or public hospitals. Of course the meals will be much fancier with more “eye appeal” than meals from a private sector – but I wonder if some of the “better looking” meals came from public sector hospitals!

Anywho, take a look at the above link! How different are the meals at a hospital near you?


2 thoughts on “Nutrition Finds – Hospital Meals Around the World

  1. Pr.Z says:

    That is a really interesting post! I feel not only private or public hospitals can have different results, but also the locations of the hospital in the country can give a total different image. For those developing countries, where a big income gap exists between cities, a hospital in a major city must offer better meal than that in a rural place do. Also, based on my experience with the hospitals in Shanghai, China, I’ve never seen that meal in the past 20 years, so I am a bit skeptical about some pictures. 🙂


    • whitneyhussain says:

      I totally agree! It’s hard knowing for sure if these depict realistic hospital meals or how current/up to date these photos are. Nonetheless, it puts into perspective the possible differences between meals in different parts of the world!


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