Q&A: Dietitians vs Math

Soon to be RD asks:

Hi there! Does a dietitian have to do a lot of math and different calculations is there math really involved in the job duties? Thanks! 🙂

It depends on where you work! As a clinical dietitian, you’re bound to use your calculator at LEAST a few times a day, calculating BMIs, the estimated energy/protein requirements for a patient, percent weight loss, tube feed rates, parenteral nutrition macro/micronutrient recommendations, etc etc etc. Calculators totally become another appendage to our bodies! Depending on the ward, you may use calculations more than others. I can say I’ve noticed I’ll use my calculator more in wards that have lots of tube fed patients while others may involve more education and changes to therapeutic diets rather than punching numbers. Even if you’re needing to do some math, it’s all pretty easy – if you can do B.E.D.M.A.S., you’re good to go!

Great question!


One thought on “Q&A: Dietitians vs Math

  1. Laura Marie says:

    Have you always wanted to do dietetics? I have been changing my major for a whole year now and I dont know what to major in for college. Please help :\


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