Walking into the unknown..

As a casual dietitian (actually, as a casual in ANY profession), it becomes a nerve racking time of year once fall arrives. You become used to working a TON in the summer and becoming a hot commodity in the work place since full time dietitians are disappearing on vacations. As September approaches, we’re on a toes hoping to snag as many hours as possible within the pool of very little work. I’ve gotten into a bit of a downer place as a look at my work schedule and realizes nothing exists after Sept 8th..

What to do now? I’ll probably end up committing more time to blogging, finding that passion for cooking and try seeking more hours of work by bugging my manager (I think she’s realized how much of a nerdy keener I am already..) At the hospital I work at, there’s lot of movement as new positions get filled and the old position said new RD leaves behind opens up for others. My hope: this results in some possible work for us little casuals!

Anywho, I’ll be spending the last couple weeks of guaranteed work seeking some new experiences as I cover the Neurology ward for a dietitian’s vacation and having the flexibility of working in different wards as I help with workload (my workplace is very lucky to have a bit of funding for casuals to come in for workload!)

Goal of this week: seek new opportunities, gain some awesome skills and knowledge, and pick the brains of the dietitians in the office whenever I’m in doubt.

In case any of the girls stumble upon this blog, thank you all for being SO supportive the past 2 months I’ve been working – you’ve helped me gain some incredible experience and skills, and are constantly taking time out of your days to help me learn. SS, TP, SC, MN, SS- you’re all awesome mentors and I’m EXTREMELY lucky to have such supportive colleagues (especially since I’m such a noob and ask far too many questions..)

P.S. I’m trying to commit to a schedule for this blog. Each week will be something different with a rotation of 4 topics: Day in the life (ie a post like this), Nutrition Finds (random stuff I find on the interwebs that’s interesting and nutrition related, a recipe of some sort (name topic TBA – it’ll be something lame), and Q&A (thanks for all the followers from this blog and my old one for asking some GREAT questions – keep ’em coming!)

Let’s keep this blog going!


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