Goodbyes and hellos!

It seems like a reoccurring theme that time is passing by too quickly and I’m not making time to enjoy the moments. I’m forcing myself to relax a bit with an upcoming vacation but here’s some things I’ve been busy with the past couple months!

  • Nutrition Month 2017! March is the month where dietitians nerd out about our profession, promote dietitian services and awareness of what we do, and encourage the public to make nutrition goals/ be aware of where to get accurate nutrition information. I was the Nutrition Month Lead for the BC region this year which meant a very busy month – lots of emails, events and networking was done! Thank you to all of my amazing volunteers for the contribution they made to the Nutrition Month efforts! IMG_20170305_110421 (At the Wellness Show volunteering with Diabetes Canada)IMG_20170409_205822 (the gorgeous flowers I got as a thank you from Dietitians of Canada)
  • Ending my temporary position over in Abbotsford (as part of the Dietitian in Clinic pilot project) and transitioning back to my job in Surrey. I can say the past few weeks were pretty tough – saying good bye to all the team members and patients that I connected with were the hardest. Good news: Being able to continue my work as the Dietitian at the Abbotsford Youth Health Centre! I’m so excited to continue being part of the team at this amazing clinic and working with the youth I connected oh-so-much with! IMG_20170404_142928
  • Transitioning back to my job in Surrey Memorial Surgical. I had a bitter sweet last week of March but coming back to my work home on surgical also felt so right! The team (including the interdisciplinary members, nurses, unit clerks and surgeons) welcomed me back with open arms (and warm hugs!) making me realize how much I LOVE being a surgical dietitian but also how much I love working in the community with my private practice clients as well. Both areas provide me professional self fulfilment but in VERY different ways. I’m really into this new vibe and work balance!
  • Planning my upcoming vacation. I know, I know, you probably wonder how many vacations I go on since many posts involve travelling overseas (I only go twice a year BTW!) Our destination this time: Vietnam and Beijing! If you have any must do’s (or eats!) for either destination, PULEASE let me know in the comments!
  • Making time to do something I love: cooking/baking and food photography. One thing that I forgot to do during my 4 month stint in Abbotsford is to MAKE TIME for things I love to do. With some extra free time on my hands by going back to my part time job, it’s time to do it again! IMG_20170410_182212_1
  • Other fun things I’ll be posting about in the near future!

What have you been busy with? Did you make any great nutrition goals this past nutrition month? Needing some help to get you to the next phase of your nutrition goals? Let me know in the comments!


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