Eat Well, Play Well – Dietitians of Canada

Are you a parent who’s suffering the back to school funk and stuck on what how to manage the food part of the week? Check out Dietitians of Canada’s article! Some fun tips include:

  • Getting the kiddos involved with meal prep. It not only adds extra help in the kitchen (depending on the age of course) but also gets children connected to the food they are eating.
  • Mix it up and try a variety of meals and snacks – lots of good ideas in the article!
  • Keep it simple. Lunch can be quite limited in time spent eating – sometimes only 15 minutes in length. If you can, prepare lunches that are easy to eat/already prepared to minimize time spent on getting that food into them!
  • Keep them hydrated. Parents focus a ton on the meals and snacks themselves and can forget how important hydration is on a child’s growth and learning. Stick a reusable water bottle in their back pack and minimize the sugary beverages.

Are you a parent and have more tips on how to keep your A-game on your child’s nutrition? Let me know in the comments!


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