Work hard, play hard

The past month or so has flown by and been really busy (more related to personal rather than professional reasons). It’s also been a HUGE learning curve of a past bit of time since I’ve been training in other areas of dietetic practice to broaden my scope and understanding of clinical nutrition and what other RDs do!

  • Starting the planning process for Nutrition Month 2017. I decided to take on the role of BC Nutrition Month Coordinator with Dietitians of Canada and am REALLY excited to bring some fun to the activities next year! It’s even better that Cristel Moubarak from Nutrifoodie will be part of my team to bring her expertise to this year’s Wine and Cheese event.
  • Being trained in other areas of clinical practice. Last month I was trained on the Hemodialysis (HD) which has been a HUGE learning curve, especially since I covered for my first time in HD during blood work week (a week every 6 weeks when HD patients blood work is thoroughly checked with follow up by the RD on their blood work results. Sounds easy? Nope, it’s EXTREMELY time consuming, stressful and BUSY!) I have mad respect for the RDs working on the unit and how awesome their stress management is! I’m really stoked to have some training on the critical care unit next month, which has been a goal of mine since I started my position on the Surgical Units!
  • Celebrating the end of internship year. I’m SO proud of the successful interns that came through Fraser Health this year and am excited to call them my colleagues now!
  • Exploring other professional opportunities, checking out various organizations, testing my interview skills and just learning what else is out there as a dietitian. I’ve reached the two year mark last month as a Clinical Dietitian so my curiosity of what else I can do in my profession is kicking in.
  • Spending lots of time with the fam jam. With Father’s Day, weddings and birthdays all in the past month, I’ve been surrounded by family and enjoying every moment of it!


(All suited up for my cousins wedding!)

  • Been on a u-pick berry craze by picking alllll the fresh and local fruits and baking, jam-making or munching away on them straight. I LOVE summer, mainly for the delish fruit that come with it. My tummy has been stuffed with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and lots of watermelon!


  • Enjoying the summer music festivals. Our goal is to go to at least one a summer!
  • Hiking! With random days off and a guy who works from home, our flexible schedules have given us a chance to explore BC and enjoy the sweaty but gorgeous views Canada has to offer!


(Breathtaking view of Joffre Lake)

One of my next goals is to mess around with my camera and learn how to take videos. It was my goal for last month until life seems to come at me hard and time just flew by! With the family-related stuff coming to an end, there’s no more excuses for me! That being said, I can’t help but take advantage of the warm weather and events that Vancouver brings in July/August!

Stay tuned for a yummy recipe next week!


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