When I grow up..

I feel the tone of most of these rambling posts revolves around where I’m going with my career. I’ve been doing a ton of reflecting recently and with my guy being out of town this week, I have a lot of time to start “doing” rather than just “thinking.”

Let’s take a step back and reflect on things I’ve done recently! It’s been a while since I wrote one of these posts since my blog was filled with Nutrition Month posts last month!

  • I worked closely with the Fraser Health Communications team to blog/write about my experiences and RD tips to incorporate small changes in their meals. It was a lot of fun (and time consuming in the most positive way possible!) where I realized I really enjoy writing. My written work itself does have my own quirky tone to it but I really look forward to writing for others or preparing my weekly posts! I’m very thankful for the Fraser Health and UBC community for constantly supporting my work and sharing my posts (and makes me miss my Alma Mater a ton!)
  • Nutrition Month also involved planning the Dietitians of Canada Wine and Cheese Event! It’s a fun networking and learning event served with lots of wine and cheese! I had the opportunity to network with lots of experienced dietitians (including Diana Steele) and gave me a chance to pick their brains to understand their stories on how they’ve become the dietitians they are today!


(Cheese cutting for the event!)

  • I’ve FINALLY made my own Whitney RD Facebook page – take a wander to the site and “like” it!
  • I spoke as a UBC Land and Food Systems (LFS) Alumni at the LFS Graduation Dinner. It was such an honour being chosen as the alumni speaker this year. Thank you again LFS|US for the opportunity!

12888510_686692894766737_7665775792202473044_o (1)

  • Being a preceptor the past 3 weeks with an AWESOME intern who has progressed and passed her final clinical relief rotation! It’s such a fulfilling experience being a preceptor, especially seeing an intern progress and develop their skills as a RD-to-be. I realized I love being a preceptor, being questioned by interns and being able to teach them what I have learned as a dietitian.
  • Networking. I’ve been in contact with a few dietitians in various fields of Dietetics to pick their brains about what drives them to work in their area of practice. As a relatively new dietitian, I feel it’s important to take a step back from your work and see what else is out there – and as someone who “plateaus” in some areas of clinical nutrition after working there for a while, it’s good for me to spice things up so that I’m not feeling like my work is a total routine.

One of the Fraser Health Clinical Dietitian Educators has been by go-to lady for complex patients I’ve encountered the past couple weeks, mainly to pick her brain on the physiology aspect of why my patients may be doing funny things so I can implement my nutrition care plan. She’s been an awesome support system as I try to figure out “what I want to be when I grow up.” She put out a lot of different options, knowing my clinical experiences and just my overall personality – this included continuing clinical work and dipping my toes into the critical care setting, getting involved in research or going to grad school (with a possible focus in Communications since she knows I have a love for nutrition writing and speaking). She also spun my thoughts of “what I want to be when I grow up” towards a “what impression/impact do I want to leave.” I think this is a much easier and realistic way to think. At UBC, I knew I wanted to leave an impression of “student leader, speaker, and nutrition nerd” and that’s exactly what I did – the UBC community continues to know me as that. After graduating and become a dietitian, I feel like I’ve had to start over again, trying to figure out what I want to do – which can be very overwhelming since there’s SO many areas of practice for RDs. Changing my mindset and focussing more on “impression/impact” has really helped me re-wire my brain and focus on what I want to work on and has made me feel a LOT less overwhelmed on paths I want to take. Thanks a bunch Liz for your constant support and listening ear!


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