Nutrition Month – Try Something New!

Happy week FOUR of Nutrition Month (and happy first couple days of spring!) This week’s theme is trying something new, where eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bland and.. well.. healthy. The goal this week is to try new flavours, foods and meals and really boosting the nomaliciousness of your dishes. Here’s some tips from Dietitians of Canada and myself to spice up (literally!) your coming week.

1. Hello tastebuds – it’s time to try something new!

  • Trying new foods can be a bit intimidating, especially when you’ve never tasted them. Be adventurous and try a new food this week (even just one!) or go back to one of those items you didn’t like before to rekindle your taste buds and (possibly) add a new fav food to your meal rotations. My goal this year was to try new foods I really did not like as a kiddo. This included cauliflower. After experimenting with different recipes, I’ve fallen in love! Some recipes include my easy-peasy Cauliflower Rice and this DELISH Sriracha Cauliflower Buffalo Bites!


2. Find a new tasty recipe or fall back on an oldie with a twist!

  • Have a new food you want to try but have no clue what to do with it? Check out Cookspiration for some inspiration! OR use your usual go-to recipe and sub the protein for a not so familiar meat/legume/alternative or incorporate a new veggie into that meal. Be adventurous!

3. Try new herbs and spices that are outside your usual toolbox of go-to flavours!

  • Herbs and spices can be a great way to make a recipe more healthful by reducing both the amount of fat and sodium in that meal (both which tend to add flavour and “mouth-feel” to a recipe). As an Indian-Fijian, my go-to herbs and spices include garlic (lots of it..), ginger, turmeric, curry powder, and cilantro. Use some new herbs and spices in your meals to boost the complex flavour profile!


How’s your 100 meal journey going? Le me know about your successes (and challenges) in the comments!


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