English Daisy

Is it just me or is this year already flying by? My goal of blogging weekly hasn’t been as successful because of a very hectic past couple weeks but I’ll be getting back to the blogging thang after this week – it’s been a not-so-fun bit of time painting our place and discovering the challenges behind it when you have absolutely no clue what you’re doing! Thanks dad (and Youtube) for getting us through it. Getting bad advice on rollers, having far too small of a home where there’s little room to paint, running on some major fatigue juggling work/other personal to-do’s making working as a team even more eventful, finding yellow “English Daisy” paint on random spots on our laminate floor (so glad it’s water soluble..) all of this means we’ve taken far too many weeks to paint our lower floor!


(Our itty-bitty home is quite the disaster..)

Other things keeping me busy:

  • Attending the Craving Change workshops at Vancouver General Hospital. As a dietitian, the strategies provided are very common and well known to us. But attending it with other individuals who are working on controlling their cravings made me realize how beneficial and useful this course can be for the general public. It was a great experience attending it!
  • Trying out some fun fitness classes at Ava Fitness. I was SO nervous to try many of these classes (including the pole and handstands class) but walked about with more confidence in my body’s abilities (and bruises in places I didn’t know I could bruise..)
  • Saying bye to my Dietetic Practice Leader as she retires and says so-long to her crazy busy job! She’ll be very much so missed. That being said, welcome to my new manager!
  • Hangouts with the Surgical Team – I appreciated how kind and supportive the nurses and interdisciplinary team is on the surgical unit. I feel like we’re a fun little family up there!
  • Celebrating Family Day with the fam-bam (and Jason) over high calorie brunch.
  • Valentine’s Day = the one day in the year when my guy and I eat for more than we should.  We overindulged a little too much this past weekend..


(I’ve turned him into a bit of a foodie..)

My goals before the next personal post: FINISH painting, play around with my DSLR and start figuring out what my next steps in life are. I’m feeling a bit static right now and needing something to spice up my routine of a work week!


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