New year, new fun!

Happy happy new year, peeps! Unlike some people, I love making goals for the new year. It’s really an excuse to get my shizz together, make a fresh start and really go at the year with a bang. A year ago, I was head strong on writing the ASPEN exam and getting my CNSC (check and check for 2015). I also wanted to finally treat myself after yearsss of schooling and do some travelling (oh hey Egypt/Dubai/Turkey) and move in with my guy (mortgage payments for the win..)

This year, I want to keep up with my travel bug and use practically all my accumulate vacation overseas – so far, travel plans are set this year (as long as I can get my vacation approved). My other goal was to work towards getting a permanent position as a clinical dietitian but I (very luckily) scored that right before the new year – no longer have to be worried about hopping from temporary to temporary position any longer! Another goal: get this blog into better shape, cook more yummy recipes and learn how to mess around with a DSLR. This is why I invested some money into my new bad girl of a camera. I’ve been spending a lot of time the past 2 weeks learning how to use her, watching far too many YouTube vids and wishing for nicer weather so I can take some photos in natural light. Hopefully my next food-based blog post will be using my new Canon 70D. Now the big question: what to name her??


Got any nutrition related ideas you want me to write about? Any ingredients you want to whip up into a nomalicious recipe that you need some help with? Post in the comments section below!

P.S. I’d like to thank all my follows the past few years for continuing to read this blog and be an awesome support system. I really appreciate all the comments, feedback and tips you’ve forwarded my way to make myself and this blog better! Keep ’em coming!!


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