Cram Sesh

T-18 days until exam time! I was a bit over ambitious a few months ago and decided to study for/write the The National Board of Nutrition Support Certification exam this year. My past few months have been everything nutrition and it’s now starting to drive me mad – I cannot WAIT for it to be over (and am really hoping I pass..!)

I’ve trying to balance work-life-studying by taking advantage of this amazingly dry weather Vancouver is bringing – I’m shocked we haven’t had more wet days with Autumn beginning (watch me regret that statement..) That guy of mine and I have been exploring out neighbourhood and trying to find our new fav nom-joints! We also went to the Aquarium After Dark event (a TON of fun and an awesome date event), and finally made our way up to the Sea to Sky gondola for his summer work event (another go-to when in Vancouver – the view is amazing). I also spent some time with fellow surgical co-workers, converting them to the delicious burger world known as Texx Big Burger. If you’re ever in Surrey, it’s a MUST TRY!

I finished a 4 week stint covering NICU a couple weeks ago (a vacation coverage that I had to take advantage of). The world of very itty bitty humans really grew on me and I’m hoping I can cover the next vacation over there. What did I love about it? In NICU, nutrition is super important for the babes – their needing as much as they can get (within their limits of growth, tolerance, estimated protein/calories, etc) since they’re trying to catch up and thrive in the real world outside of their mum’s wombs. There was a huge variance in ages that I saw when I covered – saw little 24 weekers up to term babes. The team in NICU always has nutrition in the forefront of their care plans and makes every member of the team (including dietitians) feel that they are an integral part of the plan, are always willing to listen or brainstorm with you and just make you feel so awesome! I absolutely loved it – that being said, that first week scared the living crapola out of me!

IMG_20150911_144757 (3)

I was MIA for a bit due to some unforeseen stuff that happened to my boy friend’s dad and our free moments (especially his) are spending it with his dad. The experience has made me really appreciate and understand how families feel when their loved ones are in the hospital, the discharge planning process, and the stress that can be put on families and patients when trying to figure out goals of care and realistic discharge planning. It’s another reason I can’t wait for this exam to be over – so I can be a better support for my partner. In any case, my guy has handled everything extremely well (way better than I would if I were in his shoes).

October 16th can’t come any sooner. I’ll try my best to keep up with blogging (and it’ll be a good break from the exam stress!)


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