Transitions and Changes

My past month has been a whirlwind. Lots and lots of changes, adjustments, and fun things have happened!

I was recently awarded a temporary position basically the same as my current position but lasting for a (definitive) one year since it’s a maternity leave, instead of my previous temp that would last until “return of incumbent,” which meant I could have been out of a more steady job at any time. I’m still a surgical nerd and lovin’ every minute of it! I’ve built a positive rapport with all the staff there (including the Thoracic surgeons) and feel like I’m making a difference everyday with the patients I interact with. The past few weeks was one of those more fulfilling ones with the many new home tube feeds that passed through the unit. It was also a great time to brush up on my home tube feed knowledge/skills and getting some more hands on comfort with the tubes. I’ve been reading up a lot on enteral feeding the past few weeks so it’s nice putting what I read back into practice.

I also was able to attend the Ellyn Satter talk held in Vancouver a couple weeks ago – check out my blog post on my take-aways from the amazing forum!

My former internship research team just re-submitted our manuscript after receiving feedback from the Journal we are submitting it to – wish us luck on getting that darn research finally published!

Aside from that, I’m getting extremely nervous for tomorrow where I’ll be trained in the Neonatal ICU (NICU) since the site I work at is in need for more dietitians trained in the world of tiny humans. I’m pretty excited but far more anxious than I normally am when being trained in areas I’m not too familiar with.. probably since my care plans involve helping some very tiny and sick babes. Let’s see how my training goes this week!

On top of work hecticness, I’m adjusting to being a new home owner and the extreme headache of finalizing offers, mortgage and down payment to-do’s, finding notaries, committing to lenders, furniture hunting, blah blah blah.. and can’t WAIT for it to be over on June 12. This process has involved far too many stressful nights and tears but will be worth it at the end of the haul. I can’t wait to move into cozy town house very soon!

As per usual, I’m working on continuing my professional development skills and constantly reading to better myself in the world of clinical nutrition. I’m not sure if I’ll work in this area of practice all my life, but I’m taking advantage of my early years as a dietitian to figure out what I love – and maybe switch careers paths sooner rather than later! It’s really weird seeing the current UBC Dietetic Interns being interviewed for casual positions.. and can’t believe it’s been a year since I was in their shoes!

P.S. Sorry to all of your who’ve either messaged me or called me out in person regarding my lack of blogging.. I’m trying to make it a goal to blog every week or every 2 weeks. Regardless, please continue pushing me to blog since I know I’ve put this on the back burner the past couple months! Thanks to all of you who continue reading my rambles and rants!


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