Work It

My past month has involved lots of work, trying to find that employed-life balance and reigniting my love for extracurricular stuff. I may no longer be a uni kid but I still am in need to find extra volunteer/work stuff to keep me busy.

My “everything in moderation” rule was thrown out the window the past two weeks with Christmas/holiday activities involving allllll the noms. Even dietitians have troubles maintaining superb dietary habits during the holidays.. or maybe it’s just me..

I’ve been spending lots of time working in various areas during the holidays and making a little extra dough by working a stat holiday here and there. I’m in need for a break since my body is in a constant mode of fatigue with one a day off here and there (having 2 days off in a row is a major rarity..) That being said, I’m continuously learning, still asking a TON of questions (luckily the girls I work with are extremely supportive, as always!) and finding ways to improve myself.

I recently started a just-for-fun volunteer position with the YWCA as a High School Mentor! I met my mentee a few weeks ago and fell in LOVE with her kind, warm hearted personality and desire to learn about the dietetic profession. I can’t wait for my next monthly meet up with her since she’s so fun and easy to hang out with. I was SO nervous meeting her for the first time but we seemed to hit it off right off the bat!!

Lately, I’ve been trying to get back into my “reading for fun” self. My guy bought me a Kindle for Christmas (knowing my commutes to the upcoming temporary position I’m starting in the end of January/early February will be veryyyyyy long..) so I’ve been setting aside a minimum of 30 minutes daily to read. Book of the month: Lean In. All about the feminism but not in an in-your-face sort of way. I’d recommend it to both the female and male readers of this blog! I related quite closely to this highlighted bit of the book and continue to have “you’re totally right!” moments as I continue reading this gem.


I’ve also been preparing for my upcoming temp position. My new manager (who, by the way, is awesome!) has been sending tips and to-do’s for before I start, including possible material I just refresh myself on. I am extremely nervous for this position. I’ve also been doing boring, adulty things like figuring out vacation dates (I have to submit allll my vacation requests for the year by next week..), medical insurance fun, and possible plans of living arrangements/moving out. Adult life is catching up with me.. turning 24 has been pretty lame..

Anyways, goals for this month is to continue reading every day, S.M.A.R.T. goals of incorporating more physical activity into my daily routine (I’ve neglected it the month of December..) and to spend more time in the kitchen playing around with ingredients. Goal for 2015: continue seeking that epiphany on life and not to fear new opportunities. I’m always worried that I’m missing out on so many awesome opportunities due to the choices I’ve made to commit to acute clinical nutrition. I need to stop pondering on the “what ifs” and seize those opportunities that come my way, even if it messes around with my current professional plans. Oh 2015, I’m setting some solid expectations for ya.

Hope you all had a relaxing, nomalicious holiday!


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