Where I left off..

I thought I would be done with the blogging world but after a few individuals asked “so what’s your next blog going to be about?” I thought I’d keep it going! Some of you may know me from my previous blog that was all internship related, full of reflections, rambles and rants on my 39 week UBC Dietetic Internship. This little blog of mine will be a continuation on that – but as a brand new RD! It’ll be full of professional life updates, new and cool things I’ve discovered on the interwebs that’s nutrition/foodie related, and nomalicious recipes that are easy peesy yet nutritionally awesome.

Why do I blog? It’s an excuse to reflect on what I’m doing, reignite inner passions for food and cooking and a venue where fellow food/nutrition lovers can unite. I’m a 20-something RD(t) trying to discover the world, my new niches as I transition from a paraprofessional to professional and seeking that epiphany on life – so why not let the public join in on my findings!

So let’s do this!


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