Ketogenic Diet – Weight loss or Waste of Time?

Writing by Ally Choo, Grace Tan, Abby Hsiao (UBC Dietetic Students) What is the Ketogenic Diet? The ketogenic diet first hit the scene back in the 1920’s when it was used as a possible treatment for epileptic individuals. Nowadays, you’ll probably hear it circulating mainstream media as a cure-all, weight loss remedy. So how exactly does … Continue reading Ketogenic Diet – Weight loss or Waste of Time?

Ask a Nutrition Expert, Ask a Dietitian

If you have friends who are Registered Dietitians (or friends of friends as well!), you'll likely be noticing an exciting social media campaign this week: Ask a Nutrition Expert, Ask a Dietitian. Finding nutrition information nowadays can be VERY confusing. There's so many fancy-shmancy buzz words, "super foods," fad diets and celebs promoting crazy supplements. … Continue reading Ask a Nutrition Expert, Ask a Dietitian

Malnutrition Week: September 26-30th

Are you a health care professional working in the clinical setting? Well, the dietitians in your facility will be nerding out this week since it's Malnutrition Week! What is malnutrition? In the clinical setting, malnutrition is the inadequate intake of energy, protein and micronutrients. Many of the causes of hospital malnutrition are small that we, … Continue reading Malnutrition Week: September 26-30th