Q&A: How is the RD job market?

 Hi! I’ve looked up jobs hiring for an RD just to see how many jobs are out there and in my city there’s less then 30 jobs. Is the job market good?

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This one is a tough question since I’m sure it varies where you live. In British Columbia, Canada (where I live), dietitians are in demand. New dietitians are becoming a hot commodity and Managers are on the hunt for hiring us. I know where I work (in the Fraser Valley), we are short on dietitians. Our program is very small and UBC (where I graduated) only have about 33 Dietetic grads each year, meaning there aren’t a ton of us going into the workforce annually. New dietitians in the health authority I work for include recent UBC graduates, grads from other parts of Canada, and even some from the uS.

Where ever you live, the remote cities/towns are probably seeking RDs if your city-centers are saturated with dietitians. Employment after graduation is always in the back of a students mind, but there’s bound to be work near you! If you like the profession enough, apply for the Dietetics program and seek out work when the time comes!


2 thoughts on “Q&A: How is the RD job market?

  1. Cristel says:

    As another new graduate casual RD, I can say that the jobs online are not all that’s there – there’s jobs that get posted through Dietitians of Canada and advertised through Gerry’s List, and don’t forget those internal postings that you wouldn’t see until you’re part of the organization/health authority. Most jobs aren’t as public as you would expect them to be 🙂


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