Nutrition Finds – NEW changes to food labelling

As dietitians, label reading is a big part of nutrition counseling, explaining to clients/patients what the labels mean, ingredient lists and ordering, % daily value, etc etc etc. Many times, all the numbers and percents, ingredients and portion sizing, and labels as a whole can be pretty darn confusing.

Some of the new (and super helpful) changes: adding more relevant micronutrients (vitamin D and potassium), standardizing serving sizes of more common foods, and a distinction between natural sugars versus added sugars.

Here’s a quick link and video about the new changes – thanks to Dietitians of Canada for circulating this link to the rest of the Canadian RDs out there!

What are your thoughts on the new changes? Is there something else you would like to see in our food labels?


3 thoughts on “Nutrition Finds – NEW changes to food labelling

    • whitneyhussain says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I’m in the midst of playing around with the format of the website so I don’t have a “question” tab just yet. In the meantime, please leave any questions you have in the comment sections.

      Thanks for reading!


      • Sarah says:

        Thanks for reply! I just wanted to make a suggestion for something you can post on your blog if you don’t mind. I dont specifically know what it’s like to be a clinical RD, I tried to google it but didn’t get any good details. can you describe what your typical day is like?

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